How to modify JsonNode in Java?

By | July 4, 2019


I need to change a JSON attribute’s value in Java, I can get the value properly but I couldn’t modify the JSON.

here is the code below

  JsonNode blablas = mapper.readTree(parser).get("blablas");
    for (JsonNode jsonNode : blablas) {
        String elementId = jsonNode.get("element").asText();
        String value = jsonNode.get("value").asText();
        if (StringUtils.equalsIgnoreCase(elementId, "blabla")) {
            if(value != null && value.equals("YES")){
                 // I need to change the node to NO then save it into the JSON

What is the best way to do this?


JsonNode is immutable and is intended for parse operation. However, it can be cast into ObjectNode (and ArrayNode) that allow mutations:

((ObjectNode)jsonNode).put("value", "NO");

For an array, you can use:


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