IntelliJ IDEA 12 code completion without capitalisation

By | June 29, 2019


In eclipse 4.2, I can just type:


and press CTRL+SPACE and it will turn into:


Is there any way to do the same with intelliJ IDEA? I have tried pressing CTRL+SPACE, and ALT+/. But, for some reason it just does not work.

I would be most grateful if anyone could show me how to do this.

I am just trying out version 12 of IDEA, since some of my friends told me that it was a better IDE and had better code completion (their opinions).


You can disable the case sensitivity of the code completion in the settings menu:

File -> Settings -> Editor -> Code completion -> Case sensitive completion

enter image description here

If you then type “jo” and hit TAB, it will expand to JOptionPane.

Updated screenshot for IntelliJ 15

enter image description here

Update screenshot for IntelliJ 2018

enter image description here

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